Our vision

Public art will be found throughout Athens-Clarke County, in both civic locations and unexpected places, conveying the sense of our creative, culturally diverse community.

Overall Mission

  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and Commission on developing and promoting practices and policies pertaining to arts and culture.
  • Foster the development and enjoyment of performing, visual, musical, and literary arts, and other cultural activities in Athens-Clarke County.
  • Expand public awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of arts and culture in everyday life.

Public Art Mission

Commission high-quality, impactful art throughout Athens–Clarke County.
Support artists, arts organizations, and others who wish to create art in public spaces.
Maintain an inventory of public art in Athens–Clarke County and collaborate with ACCUG on developing maintenance and conservation strategies.
Champion public art and engage the community in the development and enjoyment of public art projects.

Goals for the Public Art Program

  • Foster a stronger awareness of public art and encourage broader public participation and interaction with the public.
  • Explore new concepts in public art, create new works, and reach new audiences.
  • Include the work of a broad range of artists.
  • Stimulate the creation of a healthy and diverse network of artists, organizations, arts professionals, arts businesses, educators, and others involved in public art.

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