“Rainbow Forest,” a public art installation visible from Martin Luther King Parkway on a small hill on the North Oconee River Greenway, was officially unveiled in August 2021. “Rainbow Forest” is located at is 875 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy, Athens, GA 30601.

After a national call in early 2021, “Rainbow Forest” was selected out of 34 proposals from 32 artists by a selection panel of community members and ACCGov staff. The selection was approved by the ACCGov Mayor and Commission on May 4, 2021.

This art installation was funded by TSPLOST 2018 and created by artist Andrew Kovacs. He is a Los Angeles-based designer and educator, who worked with two local artist assistants, Eli Saragoussi and Patrick Sprague.

“Rainbow Forest” consists of a grid of 36 slender, brightly colored columns that are visible from the trail and road. The intention behind the work was to spark a new imagination for the possibility of what art and architecture can be, while trying to generate a culture of art and architecture that is accessible to a broader public audience.

“Rainbow Forest” is made out of standard concrete block masonry units. The use of everyday building materials and techniques not only creates a work that can last in all weather conditions with minimal maintenance, but also celebrates the role that architecture and art can have in re-imagining the everyday life of people in the public sphere.

Kovacs is best known for his previous work “Colossal Cacti” at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival.

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