Shelter Shift #1

The bus shelter was conceived as a dynamic visual object that subtly shifts its color and appearance with the change of the viewer’s position. This shift is the result of a lenticular arrangement of thin metal strips, painted alternating colors so that from one angle, the bus shelter appears to be one way, only to […]

Port Limnal

Port Liminal is a concept to refer to the temporal relationship of a place in-between leaving and arriving, a place to stay, if only for a moment. The steel canopy serves to capture “liminal” moments of light, shadow, shelter, and reprieve.

‘Kimono’ Bus Shelter

The underlying concept of Kimono is to create a distinctive bus shelter with a contained sense of place. The back wall is a tracery of a metaphorical tree to create a cozy experience. The piece incorporates the wall sections of a grain silo.

‘Civic Sprout’ Bus Shelter

Civic Sprout features modern forms that seemingly “sprout” from its concrete base. These modern forms are symbolic of the growth and evolution of the city and its culture.

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