This fun bus shelter inspires laughter and double-takes as they ride / drive / walk past it. The VW style and bugs, especially roly-polies (aka Pill bugs-Armadillidiidae) becomes a surreal but comical mashup of the classic VW beetle and a local insect that most people are familiar with. The “bug” incorporates the front and back […]


The sculpture is centered in the Whitehall roundabout at the juncture between Athens and Watkinsville, GA. The title refers to Nature’s tendency to grow leaves in Fibonacci like spirals to best capture sunlight. The 15-foot tall structure was part of a TSPLOST funded project to build the roundabout.

‘Marquee’ Bus Shelter

The bus shelter project allows artists to be involved in city planning and make the functional, and fantastic. Artists working and doing useful, meaningful things encourage residents and visitors to think you’re an artistic town where art is everywhere for free.

‘Leaf’ Bus Shelter

The bus shelter is made of local maple leaves, translated into cut steel that connect and weave a cascade of fall colors. The nature-based architectural fold is colorful and glows from the powder-coated paint finish in the yellows, oranges, and reds of fall.

Gyroscope House

The whimsical gazebo-style structure incorporates painted panels, interior seating, a weather vane (top), and an etched map of Athens (floor). The project was part of the SPLOST-funded World of Wonder Playground improvements at Southeast Clark Park.

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